Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 Green Olive Colored Jeans. I love my green jeans! Found these at Ross for $25.00 and they are Kenneth Cole brand, regularly $80.00! I love wearing blue jean vests and jackets with my colored jeans. I feel it makes the color jeans pop a little more! I decided this is my Cabin Outfit! and I have to tell you guys I bought the jean jacket at an awesome little Catholic Thrift Shop in midway for $3.00 ...freaking love thrift store!


  1. Love love love. Do you ever head to thrift stores in SLC? What places do you go?

  2. thanks Anne! and no i haven't! Just the local ones in SoJo but can i just say i am so jealous you live down town! Down Town SLC is like my favorite place in the world! well besides Sugar House and the mountains :)